Barbara Nussel specializes in documentary-style travel photography - landscapes, cityscapes, people, and any other colorful moments and sights from around the world. 

Barbara’s pictures are available as client customized fine art prints, or for licensing for i.e. travel brochures, magazines, websites, wall art of hospitality or healthcare or commercial. 

Barbara is available for collaborations - special travel assignments, tourism/business/product collaborations.


Our Story

My love for traveling and exploring the world was also my early gateway into photography. Before becoming a fulltime photographer, I have been a hobby photographer for over 40 years, while pursuing a scientific career. Yes, I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry, but eventually, though, my artistic side yearned to come out. I love travelling, and the outdoors. The oceans, the mountains, the desert in their beauty and greatness have a tremendously soothing and calming effect, while forcing us to be in the moment. Travel broadens our mind by showing us diversity and similarity all at the same time.

In a time when we are bombarded with so many negative images and news, my goal is to contribute beautiful photographic images to the world. Images that I hope will evoke a sense of serenity, awareness for the beauty all around us, a sense for cherishing the moment, as so many pictures are the product of serendipitous events, of being at the right spot at the right time, that the very same picture will likely never be repeated.

Whenever shooting people, either at events or while traveling, I like to blend into the environment, blend into the background, as my approach to portrait and event photography is centered on capturing authentic, honest moments in preferably natural light conditions.

Please — enjoy the galleries on my website, check out my latest photos on Facebook and Instagram, or contact me at any time through the link at the top of this page.